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On the day Walt Disney died, three destitute brothers with dreams of country music stardom decide to rob the man they blame for the death of their parents and the loss of their childhood home.



The adopted brother with too much addle-headed gusto for his

--or his family's-- own good.


A country-crooner whose cowboy kisses'll make your woman's cheeks rosy lickety split.


The brother who's got his head screwed on right, but who lacks the balls to stand up for what he believes in.




Set against the backdrop of Country Ray's blaring radio show out of Del Rio Texas, on the Mexican border, which broadcasts its 500,000 watt transmission all across the nation, “How’dy!”, follows the interweaving storylines of various fictitious country music singers struggle with happiness in the midst of fame, success, and the ever changing music industry in 1970’s America… 












*The Grady’s*


After being released from a five year stint in state prison for armed robbery that left one man dead and a family estranged, Ira and Al Grady pick up the pieces of their shattered past and reunite with their brother Gene, who has long forgotten their shared dream for country music stardom. Only after working together as a family and moving past their singular desires, will they accomplish what they finally set out to attain, the unexpected, and a shot to appear on XBRF’s radio broadcast, featuring it’s infamous host, Country Ray.… 


*Eldon Pickard*


The famous and beloved aging country musician is in the midst of losing everything, his show, his family, and Mrs. Lottie Bressette, America’s new country music sweetheart, who he’s been managing the career of and performing with for the last five years. The network, MRC, who’s been running Eldon’s Variety Show on the air for the last two decades, is threatening to pull the plug if he doesn’t quit drinking, show more enthusiasm on the show, and somehow keep it together while pulling ratings up after Lottie Bressette’s last appearance on the Annual 4th of July Holiday Special. He’s losing money, gaining resentment from his family and those closest to him, and spiraling out of control. He doesn’t know it yet, but with the help of three estranged brothers and a seventeen year old singing prodigy, who will save his career, Eldon Pickard will learn to finally become the man he was destined to be.


*Lottie Bressette*  


America’s new country music sweetheart, and the star of “The Eldon Pickard Show,” is anything but happy. She’s torn between her husband Carl, Eldon Pickard, her boss and manager, and the male driven music industry which is reluctant on pushing a flashy solo female artist.  As her fame catapults her into the unprecedented limelight, she finds herself battling through rigid contracts, and the confines of the changing country music industry. Her passion for breaking female stereotypes, and her obsession to meld two genres of music, pop and country, will threaten to compromise her sprouting career, amidst a world that is crumbling all around her. 


*Country Ray


Country Ray's famous radio show out of Del Rio Texas on the Mexican border, which has become the most popular program in the country over the last five years, is soon to suffer a hostile takeover from, El Patron, the ominous leader of the Mexican bandit organization, “Tithonia Muertos,” ordered by the government to take over the 500,000 watt station, XBRF, by any means necessary if Country Ray refuses to go peacefully. 


*Adelaide “Addie” Atkins*   


After her mother sees an advertisement on the television for a national contest to appear alongside six other girls on the new “Eldon Pickard Show,” she persuades her talented, seventeen year old daughter, Addie, who has sworn off any desires to become a singer, to audition for the show and save their family from a life of poverty and misfortune. 


HOW'DY! Poster 60s Bright Yellow signed.
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